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Hello Warriors of the great clan, McCloud, i am working on some computer repairs and will hopefully be on playing this weekend.
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F.T.W.T.C.B. Fight to Win! Take Care of Business!
our motto and creed... indeed our core beliefs
wear the banner well my friends as you are the Mighty McClouds!

Please Guildies of the Great Clan McCloud any feed back on this sight and the clan and how we might be able to improve the experience for you will be greatly appreciated. Not every thing will be implemented but the insight on growth will help everyone. 

Also remember to update your toons info and add your toons to the Roster so that other guild members can track your alts, put up discussion threads on the Forums, or suggest new content. And check back fairly regularly if you can- any Guild Raids will be advertised here (check the calender for more info!)

Welcome to Clan McCloud! :)
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MoTU - EPIC Feats

bldcheetah, Jun 16, 12 10:33 AM.
Bulwark of Defense
+2 to all saving throws and +4 to AC while in defensive stance

Combat Archery
Req:-Point Blank Shoot
+1[base damage] and +2 dodge when using ranged weapons.

Epic Mental Toughness
req: -Improved Mental Toughness
+200 sp.

Epic Spell Focus: <spell school>
req: -Greater Spell Focus: <spell school>
-lvl 18+ in some blue-bar class
+1 to DC.

Epic Toughness
req: -CON:21+
+50 hp.

Epic Skills
+1 to all skills, can be taken multiple times

Epic Spell Penetration
req: -spell penetration
-greater spell penetration
+4 to spell penetration

Great [Charisma | Constitution | Dexterity | Intelligence | Strength | Wisdom]
+1 to stat, can be taken multiple times

Improved Sneak Attack *
req -18+ Rogue
+3d6 sneak damage

Improved Martial Arts *
req: -18+ monk
+1(base damage) with unarmed
+0.5(base damage) with other ki weapons
Can be picked multiple times

Vorpal Strikes *
req: -18+ monk
-WIS 25+
-improved critical bludgeoning weapons
Your unarmed strikes are now considered vorpal and slashing. (blablablapowerful may resist blabla take 100 damage)

Inspire Excellence
Levels: 18+ Bard
Skill ranks: 20+ perform
Inspire Excellence is a song granting +4 competence bonus to chosen stat to you and your allies.

Overwhelming Critical: [Bludgeoning | Piercing | Slashing]
req: -Power Attack
-Great Cleave
-Weapon Focus: [Bludgeoning | Piercing | Slashing]
-Improved Critical: [Bludgeoning | Piercing | Slashing]
STR: 23+
+1 to crit multiplier on natural 19s and 20s with chosen set of weapons.

*to be confirmed if they changed or not

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

gartenzing, Feb 13, 12 11:51 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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